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Our Mission

Our Mission

There is this notion that to expand a business, you will have to be ruthless. But we know that there are better ways to grow. One way where what is good for the bottom line is also good for your customers. We belive that businesses can expand with a conscience, and succeed with a soul, and that they can do it with inbound. That is why we made a platform by combining software, and community to help businesses expand more and more every day.

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What we are about

When you break it all down, Nexusbasis is all about it’s people. We try to focus on making it so that everyone can be in the best environment by focusing on things like transparency, impact, inclusivity, accountability, ownership and being data-driven.


As a team that is deeply rooted in our platform, there is complete visibility into everything we do. We believe that transparency creates a culture of empowerment, and a more empowered team is a more productive team.


We acknowledge our successes, we learn from our losses and we always own the results. We hold each other accountable to one another and value opinions, while we independently own processes from A-Z.

Data driven

Some people might say that we are obsessed with data. From our product roadmaps to marketing campaigns, our customers perspective on design decisions, we are always seeking the truth in numbers. Our entire team is devoted to this point of view.


We are constantly aspiring to do better than before. As a global team we take ownership over the quality of our contributions, but even more, we take pride in what we deliver together. We keep going at it until we get it just right.


We grow and innovate together with and inspired by our customers. To deliver value, we listen, understand and then in the end act. We believe in taking the initiative and pushing boundaries to achieve the most impact-driven outcomes.


Diversity, belonging, and inclusion are planted in our being. We celebrate honour individuality together as a team. We aspire to build both a company and a platform established on the inclusivity we desire to see in workplaces across the globe.

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